About Freemen Education

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Our Mission

We want to empower mankind to be greater & bigger than who they are, bringing humanity together to make this world a better place through our education.

"We Aspire To Create A World Where People Who Live Life To The Fullest & Make A Stand For Others."

Our Philosophy

We believe everyone is meant to do greatness in their lives & our mission is to make them believe they are greater & can achieve more in their lives.

We want to break the norm of lives where mankind are not born to work for their lives, but to live their lives to the fullest & make a difference to the world. We want to connect to people, building a community to create a world where every human being is caring & making a stand to each other.

Our Culture

Our culture & workspace is fun, loving, experiential & most importantly open minded. In our culture, we respect & be grateful for every team members in the company.

Being positive is one of our main key to our culture & we appreciate every one effort for the contribution not just the company but to the people around us. Our culture is


Our Awesomeness Statement

Freemen Education works by honoring own Awesomeness Statement, which enlists the top 13 values we have collectively voted for – such as the importance of positive thinking, integrity, gratitude and taking responsibility for our words and actions. This is reflected in the decisions we make within our teams, our businesses, our partnerships, and when dealing with our customers.

As our mission, our impact on humanity comes first on our list of priorities, followed by our customers and our employees.

As a business, our main drive for breaking revenue and profit records is being able to launch and execute even more ideas that can meet our mission to empower people to live bigger than who they are.


Freemen Education is the marketing & training provider company. We inspire & change people’s lives through our live trainings. We not only measure our success based on the results achieved of our graduate participants, we also measure how much they have grown to be a better person.

We dedicate in giving purpose driven education based on 4-E:


ln Freemen public talks, you || experience an explosion of teachings, sharing and activities. We adopt experiential learning methods to engage people to learn and take action the right way.


Feel the "AH-Ha" moment, beyond just techniques and strategies, we share with you the "why's" that' ll enlighten & unleash your hidden potentials.


Here's where action is taken. Apply all the techniques and strategies you learn to gt the results you wanted, with the help of team and coaches to ensure your success


Here is where you take ead of your life and be part of a community of forward giving individuals, to grow, to contribute and to achieve life success.

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