FREEMEN’s Unorthodox Workspace

At FREEMEN, we want to create the most AWESOMEST Workspace ever to inspire and encourage productive work synergy.
You see, it is not only FREEMEN’s team who uses our workspace. Our business partners and participants and some of our clients and customers do sometimes come up to our place to chill and even do their work.
Because we provide a workspace that not only feels like a home, but our workspace is specially designed to encourage creativity, better inter-communication and self development practices.
Sometimes we just need a break after the long hours of meetings and discussions and after facing the monitors.
So, take a short power nap to boost up our energy!
Better still, brainstorm on that creative idea you just thought of while getting your creative juice pumping while stretching your legs and bodies on our super comfortable and colorful beanbags.


We practice GRATITUDE

We believe in being appreciative of all the events and experiences that goes by in our lives. And we want to celebrate each other’s successes as well.
That’s why we gather every Tuesdays in the morning over Thanksgiving Tuesdays to catch up with each other’s WINS and Celebrations and we share our gratitude for the people and events that has happened.
When we learn to be more grateful for the little things in our lives, our happiness level increases, and inadvertently we attract more positive things to our lives, and it expands as we make it a habit in our daily lives.

We love Parties and Holidays and Trips!

Yes, we work damn hard to make an Impact in people’s lives.
But we also party hard!
And we sometimes enjoy some peaceful moments at the beaches in different countries.
Sometimes we challenge our adventurous selves with water guns and hiking and doing really FUN CRAZY stuff….


At the AWESOMEST CAFÉ, have a chill and relax while you do your stuff.
Have a cup of freshly brewed coffee to kickstart your day anytime! They are of Starbucks and Coffee Bean’s quality, but here at the AWESOMEST Café, it’s FREE!

Cook your own meals – Save more money!

Sometimes we feel bored with the food downstairs and we just wanna prepare our own salads or cook our own home cook food.
Because we are a dynamic team and the bond among us is strong and impeccable, we just sometimes wanna cook a meal for everyone and have a simple meal together… you know like a family meal.

Open Work Space Concept:

At FREEMEN we do NOT condone anything Normal and Conventional. We live in the NOW and the NOW is FUN and AWESOME and CONDUSIVE.
No one is confined to a fixed station. Be gone with those old conventional cubicles and Individual Offices. Everyone (including seniors and bosses) seats at the same workspace because we strongly encourage open communication.
The only rooms we have are for discussions and brain storming sessions.
Talking is key essence to creating great ideas!
And that’s why we seat together right next to each other. We are each other’s friendly neighbors.

Empowering People to be Bigger than Who They Are


We are damn proud that in 7 years, we have impacted people’s lives not only in Malaysia, but also in Hong Kong and Thailand.
And we are zealous and very much driven to impact more lives in more countries.
This year, we want to branch out to Indonesia and Vietnam and beyond Asia!
So, we’re recruiting!
If you have a strong burning desire to grow your strengths and skills, and more importantly, if you strongly believe that you’re meant to do something greater in your life other than what you’re doing right now, we want you!
We want your passion, your delirious energy and your outburst of creativity to strive for more in life and in your career!


We’re Looking For:

1) Awesome Graphics & Website Designers

You will be designing beautiful ads and gorgeous artwork for our events and programs. These ads will include digital ads (things you see online), POSM (imagine those things you see at expos and exhibitions) and Press (newspapers, magazines), etc

You will need to have proficient knowledge in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Knowing Web Designing is a HUGE bonus!
For all applicants, please include a link to your portfolio in your resume!
Fresh grads are encouraged to apply!

2) Social and Digital Marketers

A marketer is not everything about selling. It’s about how you convey an idea or a message. It’s about infiltrating the marketing platforms and bombing our messages in the most effective and suave manner!

You will need to have some knowledge and/or experiences using any or different social media tools (ie FaceBook, Google stuff, YouTube stuff, LinkedIn, etc).

3) Customer Relations Support

Your main focus is to help customers understand everything about us and our programs. Educate them and foster relationships with them as well. We like to say, our customers are our friends too =)

You will need to be courteous, helpful, patient (really patient when talking to someone who needs to let out once in a while), and more importantly, FRIENDLY! Let them know we’re they friends too.

Yeah! We have been told often times that we’re crazy enough to believe that each and every one of us is capable in our own greatness and strengths. We empower each other with skill sets and mindsets that will help us grow beyond our own self limiting beliefs.
We focus on investing in people and helping people grow to achieve greater things in life through their passions and desires.
FREEMEN’s Team is popularly known as the “A-Team”.
And to be a part of the A-Team, you’ve got to have certain attitudes because a team’s success depends very much on the player’s attitude.
I mean, if a player is always whinning about everything and not doing anything about it, he’s not gonna succeed.
We want everyone to succeed. And they must have the drive and willingness to succeed. Then only we can grow them to be successful!

1) You’re on a treadmill to grow!
2) You believe that your ideas will save the world!
3) Regardless of what happens, you’re always positive and fun to hang out with!
4) Outgoing & Adventurous – Love trying out new things/people!

1) Minimum 1 – 2 years working experience or of equivalent degree;
2) Fresh graduates are encourage to apply – because you’re the most hipp and creative bunch!

How To Apply For These Positions?

Your application must include:

1) Your resume. Highlight your passions, your skills and motivations for applying. Tell us how your skills and expertise would contribute to this stellar team. Be specific.

Submit your resume to this email address: with the subject line of "Application for [The Position You Wish To Apply]. Once we receive your application, we will contact you very soon. Thank you.