Programs & Events

All of our workshops are carefully designed to continuously give updates to help people be aware of the current happenings. Our professional trainers always give their best to mix both theory and practical activities to enhance a person’s learning, and to make it a Fun and Safe Learning Environment.


Mastering Your Wealth

Trainers from Different Professional Backgrounds come together to share strategies that will help you Make and Grow Your Wealth Exponentially. Such Money Making Strategies include Properties, Gold & Silver, Business, Internet Marketing, etc.

2 Days Intensive Training (Twice A Year)

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Property Fast Track

Specially catered for anyone who wants to start their property investment or already a seasoned investor to build their portfolio to the next leve, our Key Speakers, Michael Tan, King Of No Money Down, share about strategies relating to Properties especially in the sub-sales market to help you either kickstart or level up your portfolio.

3 hours Workshop (Twice A Month In KL, Once A Month In JB/Melaka/Penang)

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Financial Mastery

Held twice a month, this workshop brings you to meet up with a very successful trainer who have vast experience when it comes to managing finances. Dr. Finance, Rick-ky Wong, who will be providing comprehensive mortgage advisories and solutions for them to own multiple numbers of properties!

3 Hours Workshop (Twice Every Month)

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